Agency: Ogilvy SG
Client: Jimmy Dean
Date: Aug 2019
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1969 was immersed with historically significant events, including the Moon Landing and Woodstock, but it was also the year that Jimmy Dean introduced his signature sausage.

To celebrate five decades of success, the Jimmy Dean brand took iconic photos from other 50th anniversaries being celebrated this year, and re-created the part that photographers didn’t capture… someone eating Jimmy Dean sausage.

Everything from the mission control terminals to the music stage were built by hand to the exact specifications of the originals. By matching the camera angle of the actual photo, we were able to seamlessly extend the moment making it feel as authentic as possible.

In partnership with Sandro, a world-renowned photographer, researchers spent hundreds of hours understanding set design, wardrobe, hair styles, and equipment to ensure every little detail was period correct. The end result is a pair of images that pay homage to history, while celebrating Jimmy Dean’s 50th anniversary in a new, unexpected way.

These assets have been featured everywhere from TV to social, including two high-profile spreads in Time andRolling Stone. The goal of the brand’s campaign is to remind people in as many surprising ways as possible that 1969 changed America and breakfast forever. Today, as a $1.8bn brand, Jimmy Dean boasts an expansive portfolio of more than 170 breakfast items, including sausage, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast bowls, hash browns, frittatas, and more.


Jimmy Dean