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Philips Electronics UK: Dutch Masterjuices by Ogilvy Group

Date: May 2018
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Ogilvy Amsterdam, London and Singapore steals priceless art and drops it in a blender to promote healthy eating for Philips. So now, you can now drink a Dutch still-life inspired masterpiece.

The new campaign plays on the insight that people tend to ignore fruit and vegetables: in still life and in real life. 86% of Europeans don’t get enough of them. This can lead to all kinds of serious health problems.

Philips believes that fruit and vegetables matter. They also believe there’s always a way to make life better. So, with Dutch Masterjuices, Phillips teamed up with The Rijksmuseum to ­put fruit and vegetables back in the picture.

The healthy living campaign kicked off with the release of a short film which sees still life works of art mysteriously lose their fruit and vegetables in a bold move that creates confusion and surprise with museum visitors.

“We had to be bold. After all, healthy eating and still life painting really aren’t the most captivating topics. So, to grab people’s attention, we stole priceless fruit from a world-famous art museum and threw it in a Philips blender.” comments Martijn van Marle, CCO at Ogilvy Amsterdam.


Client: Royal Philips Brand Sponsorship, Nathalie Lam, Sandra van Espen

Agency: Ogilvy Amsterdam, Ogilvy London, Ogilvy Singapore

Production: CAM DAVID

Production agency: We Film (campaign film), Dare Creative (how-to films)

Director: Joeri Holsheimer