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Nestle: Mums go back to school to learn a lesson they will never forget by Ogilvy Group

Client: Nestle
Date: Dec 2017
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According to a Nestlé backed study, 1 in 4 children in Malaysia skip breakfast. This deprives them of the energy they need to perform in school. Not being able to concentrate in class leads them to failing exams and eventually dropping out of school.

School days aren’t what they used to be. Hours are now longer, syllabuses are tougher, and the day doesn’t just end after school.

A school day takes more energy than you think. In fact, a study by the company has found that it takes a child more than 1500 kcal to get through a school day, which is about the amount of calories needed to run a half marathon or swim 50 laps in a pool.

Mums need to realise what they are putting their children through every day.

So the energy beverage brand Nestlé MILO® let them have a taste of their own medicine – by putting them back in school for a day.

Mums were sent to the same school as their child and put through the exact schedule that they have packed their child with. From the early morning rush for the school bus, to every lesson in school and every activity thereafter, mums did the same.

Through this activity, these mums felt what their children felt: The challenges they faced, the hunger they felt for skipping breakfast, the frustration of not being able to perform, and the mad rush from one activity to the next.