Client: VCA
Date: Jul 2019
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Pet care can be pretty serious at times. It can also be seriously funny. That’s why VCA, a leading provider of pet healthcare services, and creative agency Observatory created 'Pet Friendly,' a new comedy series directed by Whitney Cummings appearing on Refinery29.

Each episode follows the awkward and heartwarming stories of veterinarian Dr. Sally and the adopted pets and families she cares for in eclectic Los Angeles.

The first episode is about a dog named 'Pepper', whose life begins to spin out of control as he becomes an internet sensation. The second episode, 'Rocky,' is a story about a shaggy canine who bridges the gap between a single dad and his teenage daughter, while the third and final episode, 'Tonya,' tells the tale of a stray cat breathing new life into a stale marriage.

VCA plays a strong role in the communities they serve. They have over 90 US shelter partners that they work with in order to find a loving and safe home for every ownerless pet. In 2018 alone, VCA raised more than $1m and provided over $1m in pre-adoption medical care to animal welfare organizations.


Client: VCA

Co-Founder: Bob Antin

Co-Founder: Neil Tauber

Co-Founder: Art Antin

VP Social Responsibility and Innovation: Brandon Antin

Director Marketing Operations: Greg Fiore

Brand Marketing Manager: Paige Antin

Consultant: Siena Tauber

Consultant: Elyse Antin

Consultant: Chelsea Antin

Agency: Observatory

Chief Creative Officer: Tony Fur

Creative Director: Joseph Saroufim

Senior Producer: Carly Allen

Senior Art Director: Bianca Pettinicchi

Copywriter: Charlie Long

Designer: Maddie Avjean

Brand Director: Sarah Donze

Senior Brand Executive: Samantha Oto

Production Company: Caviar Content

Director: Whitney Cummings

Editorial Company: Loom

Editorial Company Producer: Terry Huynh

Editor: Jack Price and Daniel Flesher

Music: Kevin Blumenfeld

Sound Mixer / Engineering: Wouter van Herwerden

Audio: Margarita Mix Hollywood