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American Friends of Hebrew University (AFHU), the US fundraising partner for the renowned University in Jerusalem, has launched a humorous new effort from purpose-driven agency Oberland that features two adorable octogenarian bubbes translating the school's scientific discoveries.

As conversations about the fate of the planet continue to heat up following the Global Climate Strike Sept. 20, the Bubbes don’t miss a comedic beat translating the global implications voiced by a scientist.

The five films in the 2 Bubbes Translating Science series aim to drive donations and raise awareness for the groundbreaking work happening at the University.

While the white-coated scientist talks about how drought intensification exacerbated by climate change will lead to major crop shortages worldwide, the Bubbes translate it for us regular folk by saying, "If it doesn't rain, all you'll get for dinner is a big bowl of bupkes!"

The video also touts the University's discovery of a new drought resistant wheat cultivar which produces 30% more wheat with the same amount of water – which of course translates to 30% more challah bread.



Bill Oberlander - ECD

Drew Train - President

Dhruv Nanda - CD/Writer

Gaspard Nemec - Director

Kelsea Seavey - Producer

Devon DeSanna - Copywriter

Alex Borelli - Motion Designer

Account Director - Rafa Rodrigues

Account Executive - Kailee Bongiovi