Agency: NORD DDB
Client: Volkswagen
Date: Apr 2018
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Since February 1st, 2018, it has been illegal to use your phone whilst driving in Sweden. Despite that, there seems to be no change in the number of accidents on Swedish roads since the new law became effective. To remind people of the danger of using your phone whilst driving, Volkswagen have created a phone case – made by crumpled metal from crashed cars. The campaign is made by the creative agency NORD DDB.

We know how easily it happens that you accidentally pick up your phone to receive a call or send a text. However, you are 23 times more likely to be in a car accident if you text and drive, so it’s important to know how serious the matter is. We believe a phone case made by damaged vehicles will make you think twice before you pick up your phone. It will be a silent reminder to keep focus on the road and not multitask whilst driving, says Johan Karlson, Brand Manager at Volkswagen Stockholm.

The phone cases are handmade with metal from damaged cars. To start with, there have been 153 unique cases produced, which represents one for each serious accident that has occurred in Sweden since February 2018, which was the first month that the new law was enforced. The cases can be bought online, and the money collected will be donated to the work of Swedish “Trafikskadefonden” to help people that have been in traffic accidents.

Sources: Strada – (Swedish Traffic Accident Data Acquisition).

Credit list:



Andreas Dahlqvist, Chief Creative Officer

Anton Bolin, Art Director

Svante Pårup, Copywriter

Maja Björklén, Account Director

Hogir Aslan, Account Director

Susanne Johansson , PR director

Simon Higby, Creative Director

Magnus Wretblad, Business Director

Marc Östlund, Creative Designer

Production – House

Luca Monterosso, Director / Editor

Edward Lever, Editor / Grade / Online

Tomas Wall, Producer / Post Producer

Marcus Dineen, Director of Photography

Anton Olin, Photography


Tobias Rückert, Director, Volkswagen Stockholm

Johan Karlson, Brand manager, Volkswagen Stockholm

Jeanette Asteborg, Marketing Director, Volkswagen Sweden