Date: Apr 2018
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Flags of five countries from around the world have been reimagined through graphic representation, becoming catalysts for travelers to find routes and discover the best of each country.

The campaign was done by Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Mestiça Agency for the Collection of Continents books for the Brazilian magazine Viaje Mais. The campaign is made up of five ads that use the flags of several countries as the main element, and the routes and destinations as the creative concept.

The graphic elements of each flag essentially become road maps, creating horizons with routes and destinations, visually translating the concept of the campaign, essentially begging viewers to roam to each country and find out its respective charms. Argentina’s white stripe appears as a road towards its setting sun, while Norway’s blue cross looks like a crossroads to discovery of the Scandinavian country, and Australia’s Union Jack design gives travelers plenty of directional options.

Each design has a small bit of copy in the top right corner that tells of each country’s destinations and itineraries. Chile’s says: “The best wine routes and landscapes in Chile.” For Norway: “The best itineraries to enjoy the daylight until midnight in Norway.”


Agency: Mestiça

Client: Editora Europa

Product: Coleções Viaje Mais

Title: Flags

Creative Director: Luiz Parpulov

Head of Art: Eduardo Basque

Art Director: Eduardo Basque

Copywriter: Rafael Campeão / Rafael Prioli

Account: Pamela Novaes

Media: Willian Barbosa

Ilustration: Eduardo Basque

Approved by: Luiz Siqueira