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The Drum

Frida: Frida Mom by Mekanism

Agency: Mekanism
Client: Frida
Date: Mar 2021
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The raw reality of breastfeeding is laid bare by parent products provider Frida Mom which has charted the emotional and physical highs and lows of lactation to destigmatise mothers.

Casting aside societal prudishness the Breast Care campaign throws a spotlight on everyday issues by offering tips and remedies such as massaging out clogged ducts with an electric toothbrush and stemming flow with cabbage leaves.

Designed to reassure new mothers that help is at hand the head on campaign tackles issues such as raw nipples, uterine contractions, and painful clogs which others shy away from.

At the heart of this message is 'Stream of Lactation', a video that seeks to normalise the act of breastfeeding by depicting a variety of real postpartum mothers dealing with the challenges of nursing their babies their way.

First aired during the Golden Globes a 30-second edit of the video was broadcast to households across America and is the first known commercial to picture lactating breasts on television - albeit with nipples removed to comply with broadcaster NBC's standards.