United Airlines: Lon Den by mcgarrybowen London

Date: Jun 2018
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To celebrate the launch of their new London to Denver route, United Airlines tasked Mcgarrybowen London to create an eye-catching campaign that’d grab Londoners on their dreary morning commute.

Using a simple bit of word-play and a series of contrasting images, the campaign shows how Denver is far more action-packed than London.


Simon Lotze - creative director - mcgarrybowen London

Miguel Nunes - creative director - mcgarrybowen London

Paul Bailey - creative mcgarrybowen London

Russell Hendrie - creative mcgarrybowen London

Simon O'Brien - designer - mcgarrybowen London

Jonty Harbison - head of design - mcgarrybowen London

Jessie Hutter - producer - mcgarrybowen London

Blandine Escoffier - project director - mcgarrybowen London

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