Date: Feb 2016
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Innocence in Danger, the charity for the protection of children from abuse and violence, has launched a press and outdoor campaign highlighting the potential dangers that lurk within the internet.

The campaign, created by McCann London, features a seemingly innocent message from an online conversation. However, there is more to this message than would meet a child’s eye, and adults will recognise the phallic shape of the speech bubbles. The campaign shows how sexual predators use social networks and messaging to contact their unsuspecting young victims.

The “Sexxenger” campaign illustrates the importance of parental supervision in protecting children from what they can’t see.


Chief Creative Officer: Rob Doubal, Laurence Thomson

Creative Director: Jean-Laurent Py

Integrated Creative Director: Chad Warner

Art Director: Julien De Preux

Copywriter: Jean-Laurent Py

Designer: Julien De Preux

Head of Art: Michael Thomason

Project Director: Metz Fasano

Creative Producer: Sarah-Louise van Uden

Account Director: AJ Coyne

Account Manager: Charlotte Habin

Account Executive: Charlotte Walters

Studio Manager: Ellis Faint

Print Producer: Liam White

Art Worker: Viren Patel

Media: Universal McCann