Client: Lyft
Date: Jan 2020
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Will Smith sat behind the wheel of a 2020 Porsche Taycan in Miami and drove around some very happily surprised Lyft riders as a promotional stunt for the release of his new movie sequel, Bad Boys for Life.

In celebration of the release of the movie, which topped the box office over the weekend, Smith and Lyft joined forces for what they called ‘Bad Boys for Lyft’, redefining the meaning of joy ride for the riders in Miami. Thinking they had signed up for an opportunity to be the first to weigh in on some new Lyft tech features, the riders were shocked when Smith pulled up in the hot new Taycan embodying the spirit of his character, detective Mike Lowrey, and gave the them the chance to fill in as his partner in crime.

Along the ride, Smith teaches his riders the finer points of being a buddy cop. With one woman, he asks what she would do if they “rolled up on a criminal,” accosting an unsuspecting pedestrian and asking “You good?” Another woman gets a lesson in speed driving with some hilariously profane results.

At the end of their rides/Bad Boy tutorials, Smith gives them all a gift – free Lyft rides for a year – which bumps up his driver rating to five stars.