Date: Nov 2021
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Watchmaker Sekonda unveiled a timely print ad in The Sun newspaper to demonstrate its support of the British public’s negative views on politicians having multiple jobs.

Recently people living in the UK have questioned if MPs should be allowed to carry out work alongside their parliamentary duties, and according to a poll by Savanta ComRes, a market research company based in London, only one in five adults support the arrangement.

Lucky Generals is the creative force behind Sekonda’s ‘Only One Job’ three-quarter-page ad, which playfully taps into the notion that its timepieces don’t deviate from the job at hand.

Positioned next to a story about Theresa May making £850,000 a year from a second job, the watch brand is seeking to cement itself close to the news agenda and create reactive to events that warrant being called out.

The tongue-in-cheek visual is part of the wider ‘No Time for Nonsense’ campaign, which has been curated to cut through the ‘complexity and nonsense of the watch category.’