Brooke Bond Tea: Tea Cups by LOLA MullenLowe

Date: Sep 2017
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Brooke Bond Tea launches an online film campaign for World Peace Day to support Unilever´s working partnership with Peace One Day. The TV spot is set in a dreamlike realm that shows how in today’s divided world people often put themselves and others into groups based on their belief systems and then find they have more in common than not.


Ben Curtis: global brand director - Brooke Bond, Unilever

Chacho Puebla - chief creative officer - LOLA MullenLowe

Pancho Cassis - executive creative director - LOLA MullenLowe

Tomás Ostiglia - global creative director - LOLA MullenLowe

Fabio Brigido - head of art - LOLA MullenLowe

André Toledo - copywriter - LOLA MullenLowe

Diego Limberti - art director - LOLA MullenLowe

Tom Elliston - global business director - LOLA MullenLowe

Jessica Otero - account manager - LOLA MullenLowe

Florencia Caputo - producer - LOLA MullenLowe

Diego Balthazar - producer - LOLA MullenLowe

David Vergés - director - Agosto Productions