Lithuania - The Best Employee in the World

Date: Oct 2018
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In a similar vein to the Go Vilnius G-Spot Campaign, which placed the European capital firmly on the map, Invest Lithuania are out to promote the country as a whole and elevate it as a unique gem of Eastern Europe.

Lithuania - once one of the biggest countries in Europe - has had its fair share of occupation. Since Russia released their hold of the Baltic country in 1990, the country is still in the recovery stages of restoring its independence.

To undermine John Oliver, when he referred to it as ‘one of the Polands,’ the campaign ‘Lithuania – the best employee in the world’ aims to remind the rest of the world that Lithuania is not just another country in the Old Continent.

In a world where a country’s precedence is determined by ratings and annual reports, the campaign argues that a country’s identity is often lost in translation.

For a native-born, the differences between Hungary and Romania or Norway and Sweden are evident. However, unique priorities, goals, visions and aspirations just don’t fit in a spreadsheet as a nicely as population size or GDP.

Acknowledging differences on paper, rather than proving the bold claim that Lithuania is ‘the best employee in the world’ by complex graphs and pie charts, the campaign demonstrates it by a diverse cast of go-getters.

The narrative revolves around a simple idea - "Give us a challenge, and we will deliver." From scientists to artists and entrepreneurs, the film showcases Lithuania's potential to play a major role on the European stage.

Alongside highlighting Lithuania's unique individuals, the film doesn't miss the chance to showcase the country's stunning landscape. From sweeping shots of stunning Trakai Island Castle, the home of Lithuania’s famous Kibinai, to its Baltic coastline, we are taken on a visual journey through what makes Lithuania truly stand out from the crowd.

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