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Agency: Leith
Client: IRN-BRU
Date: Mar 2022
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Beloved Scottish drink Irn-Bru is kicking off its 2022 taste debate with a parody film created by agency partner Leith talongside media agency 7Stars.

The two new films comically reflect on the ambiguity of Irn-Bru's taste, which in itself contributes to its infamy as a brand - no one can agree upon the exact flavour, but everyone can agree that it’s delicious.

‘Prom’ begins with a young man waiting for his date at the bottom of the staircase, whilst her proud father waits, camera in hand, to capture the special moment.

As she descends the stairs, her date declares “You look prettier than a can of Irn-Bru”, to which she replies “Oh, how I love its cream soda taste”, sparking a family-wide debate over its flavour, ending with the tagling 'Let's just agree it tastes gorgrous.'

In the second spot, ‘Mob’, three gangsters smugly conceal the loser of an Irn-Bru taste debate within the boot of their car. The carpet rolled corpse comes to reflect the soon-to-be fate of the third gangster, after he states that Irn-Bru tastes like ‘tutti frutti’. With two members wrapped in carpet, the outcome of the great taste debate comes with high stakes in this spot, ending with the caption 'Let's just agree it tastes bellissimo.'