Date: Jul 2020
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A new UK billboard exhibition has just been unveiled to remind the world of the need to ease plastic use #plasticfreejuly.

As the pandemic causes citizens around the world to put previously pressing environmental issues to the side, Creative Director and Environmental Advocate, Tia Grazette (Founder of / insta:@legoodsociety) alongside Sean Stone (son of Oliver) announce the inauguration of the art exhibit “Let’s Live With Less Plastic”.

Celebrating 10 years since the Plastiki Expedition, which famously built a boat using recycled plastic to sail across the Pacific and raise awareness of plastic pollution and the vital importance of oceans, Tia Grazette has curated an outdoor exhibition on billboards across the UK (London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle for #plasticfreejuly - renewing her commitment to a plastic free world through fresh creativity.

Featured artists include: Ray’s daughter - Lois Winstone, Sarah Maple, Todd Francis, Jeff Gillette, Dianna Cohen, Heath Kane, Iona Magnus, Luap, Paul Davis, i, Aaron Axelrod, I Fucking Hate London, Tia Grazette, Florence Poppy Deary , Charlie Arsan and Illuminati Neon.