Client: Kraft
Date: Aug 2019
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More than 15 million passengers are expected to fly this Labor Day weekend, one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, and tough if you’re traveling with kids. Long plane rides with young children can often be accompanied by temper tantrums and meltdowns. That’s why this Labor Day, Kraft is introducing the Kraft In-Flight Relief Pack to help make parents’ lives easier on the 100 longest continental US direct flights.

The Kraft Flight Relief Pack is packed with items to keep kids occupied while giving parents a chance to relax. The Pack includes a bag of Kraft String Cheese that kids love to peel and play with and a limited-edition Kraft String Cheese-o-Rama play book. The book is specially designed to inspire kids’ creativity and keep kids entertained by peeling and shaping the string cheese to match the shapes on the pages. The pack also includes a soothing eye mask, a comfortable neck pillow and headphones for parents. After all, a happy kid makes for a happy parent, and ultimately a happy cabin.

For families traveling on Labor Day weekend on shorter flights or by car or train, Kraft is making the Kraft String Cheese-O-Rama play book available to download at the website and its social media channels.

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