Client: Klarna
Date: May 2021
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Klarna has launched a campaign playfully setting the record straight by inviting UK consumers to discover the truth about the brand with famous Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal.

With over 14m consumers in the UK, and 13k retailers, Klarna is the leading buy now pay later provider in the UK, however, in the past few years - the brand has seen a rise in the number of misconceptions. Taking a bold and unapologetic approach to the critics, skeptics and curious - Klarna answers some of the questions on everything from their brand, average age and even the company name.

To discover the truth, Klarna has partnered with Ignasi Monreal, famous for his collaborations with Gucci, Vogue and Netflix. Ignasi is a renowned contemporary artist who has been commissioned to create a series of seven pieces of artwork - each based upon a misconception seen online or in the media. The paintings, digitally designed by Ignasi in his studio in Rome, are a mix of classical and contemporary for a 21st Century renaissance feel.