Agency: Karmarama
Date: Oct 2017
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11 votes's latest spot is the fifth in the series featuring Corden. It opens on a traffic jam caused by sheep in the road, as Corden and his friend (who features in every ad) pull up in the classic Mercedes car. Corden says “Oh sheep!”, the first of many sheep-related puns to come out of the campaign, before stepping out of the car and attempting to shepherd the flock by reasoning with them, and making barking noises. Frustrated, he throws his hands into the air and proclaims “Come on, what do I have to do?”, at which point the flock splits perfectly down the middle - like the parting of the waves.

“I’m the sheep whisperer,” he says, as the cars drive through.

There’s also a 10-second teaser ad which has been running on TV throughout the week, in which Corden faces off against Maria the sheep, who incidentally has her own Twitter account.