Black Forest: So Juicy, Ja! by Joan Creative

Date: Apr 2018
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Confectionery brand Black Forest has released 'So Juicy, Ja!,' a new creative campaign that brings the brand to life by introducing The People of The Black Forest; a previously unknown civilization, nestled in the verdant green forest, who have built a community around harvesting land fertile with deliciously juicy gummies and fruit flavored snacks. Through the reverence and traditions of the people of The Black Forest, the “So Juicy, Ja!” campaign showcases what makes Black Forest so special – deliciously juicy products made with real ingredients.

Created and produced by Joan Creative, this “real but not real” culture is one of ages past; an untouched community of friendly people, content with an uncomplicated way of life, of which gummies are a central part.

The 'So Juicy, Ja!' campaign will be distributed digitally, socially, and on televisions nationwide beginning in April 2018. The customs and traditions of The Black Forest will be further explored in a partnership with Lonely Planet, facilitated by creative media agency Noble People, as well as various events throughout the summer.


Agency: Joan Creative

Jaime Robinson - Chief Creative Officer- Joan Creative

Dave Canning- Executive Creative Director- Joan Creative

Michelle Lamont- Copywriter- Joan Creative

Rose Sacktor- Art Director- Joan Creative

Joyce Lee- Executive Producer- Joan Creative

Karla Stewart Vitrone- Managing Director- Joan Creative

Sarah Collinson- Group Account Director- Joan Creative

Katie Persichilli- Account Supervisor - Joan Creative


Sam Brown- Director- Imperial Woodpecker

Michaela Johnson- Producer- Imperial Woodpecker

Doug Halbert- Managing Director - Imperial Woodpecker

Simon Duggan- DOP- Imperial Woodpecker

Production Designer - Neville Stevenson- Imperial Woodpecker

Barabara Darragh- Costume Designer- Imperial Woodpecker

Amanda Piearcey- Costume/Props Maker- Imperial Woodpecker

Abby Collins- Make-up/Hair Artist- Imperial Woodpecker

Margaret Petchell- Make-up/Hair Artist- Imperial Woodpecker

Production Services New Zealand - Cherokee Films - Imperial Woodpecker


Ian McKenzie- Editor- Mackenzie Cutler

Mike Leuis- Editor - Mackenzie Cutler

Brandon Isralasky- Assistant Editor- Mackenzie Cutler

Gina Pagano- EP- Mackenzie Cutler

Sam Shaffer- Sound Design/Mix- Mackenzie Cutler


Eliana Carranza-Pitcher- EP- The Mill

Bugs Russell- Producer- The Mill

Julia Moore- Producer- The Mill

Mia Lalanne- Production Coordinator- The Mill

Ruben Vandebroek- Shoot Supervisor - The Mill

Corey Brown- Creative Director- The Mill

Taner Besen- 2D Lead Artist- The Mill

Brice Linane- 3D Lead Artist- The Mill

Antoine Douadi-2D Artist

Manu Gaulot-2D Artist- The Mill

James Cudahy-2D Artist- The Mill

Gabriel Kim-2D Artist- The Mill

Lucia Kim-2D Artist- The Mill

Dhruv Shankar-2D Artist- The Mill

Nathan Kane-2D Artist- The Mill

Dae Yoon Kang-2D Artist- The Mill

Yongjae Lee-2D Artist- The Mill

Sandor Toledo-3D Artist- The Mill

Tim Kim-3D Artist- The Mill


Adam Scott- Colourist- The Mill

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Liza Kerlin- Sr. Colour Producer- The Mill


Peter Gannon- Creative Director and Partner- Walker Music

Abbey Hendrix- Sr. Producer- Walker Music

Julianne Wilson- Associate Producer- Walker Music

Christopher Keyes- Engineer- Walker Music