Agency: Huge
Client: Lyft
Date: Jun 2018
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Rideshare brand Lyft partnered with creative agency Huge for this year’s NYC Pride parade. The two companies came together to create a one-of-kind float to be featured in the parade.

Not only did Lyft showcase a Pride-themed float in the parade, but three weddings physically took place on the float during the festivities. Special guest Bobby Berk, from Netflix’s Queer Eye, officiated each of the weddings. Marchers and onlookers were able to view the commencements taking place live at the largest Pride parade stage in the nation.

Lyft's has ensured its commitment to the LGBTQ+ community lives beyond Pride month, by allowing riders year-round to opt in to have their fare rounded up for charities like the ACLU, HRC, and more through 'Round Up and Donate'.


Lyft, Huge

Photography: Kelly Balch Photography