Airheads: Airheaded by Huge

Agency: Huge
Client: Airheads
Date: May 2018
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Airheads, the favorite candy among kids, adults, and NFL Rookie of the Year Alvin Kamara, partnered with creative agency-of-record Huge to launch a new campaign titled 'Airheaded,' to encourage people to play more and reintroduce the famed candy brand to an older audience.

Many remember the Airheads commercials from the 90s, where heads exploded on the streets from taking a bite of the chewy delicious candy., So, Huge wanted to nod to these nostalgic spots in the new campaign.

Titled Airheaded, this new campaign focuses on young adults in their everyday lives taking a moment to play by eating Airheads. The tagline is 'Play more, play delicious.' The spots showcase these grown-up millennial-types doing things like riding the subway, playing tennis, or sumo-wrestling in their garages. But when they start eating Airheads, they become 'Airheaded.' Their heads suddenly expand to comical proportions, enabling them to float, bounce, and play in a whimsical new way.

In addition to broadcast, the campaign will run across online and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat through October 2018. Through this campaign Airheads and Huge want to instill the notion that anyone, anywhere, and any age can enjoy Airheads and take a moment each day to '#PlayMore' and '#PlayDelicious'.


Airheads, Huge Chaplain Obvious by CP+B

Added 17 August 2018
Agency: CP+B
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