TD Ameritrade: Trade All Night Long by Havas New York

Date: Jan 2018
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TD Ameritrade is letting retail investors trade 24 hours a day, five days a week, and the brand has enlisted Lionel Richie to help tell the story.

Havas New York worked with TD Ameritrade on a concept that put forth the 'all night long' trading window, so they thought music legend Richie and his signature song who resonate with the TD Ameritrade target audience of people 35 and older.

In the primary TV spot, traders in the green room are disappointed to be “missing out after hours” until a trader mentions that it is now possible to trade 24/5 with TD Ameritrade. Richie helps amplify the news by being in the room, playing the famous notes to 'All Night Long' and ringing their signature 24/5 bell – cuing TD Ameritrade re-opening the market. The integrated campaign also features an online video that reveals Lionel Richie’s secret late night vice.

Another spot found the two TD Ameritrade reps asking Richie about his after hours trading habits, trying to coax out an "All Night Long" quote from him, much to their dismay.



TD Ameritrade

Denise Karkos: Chief Marketing Officer

Kerin Morrison: Managing Director, Brand & Advertising

Justin Garcia: Director, Advertising & Social

Reenie Burns: Senior Manager, Media & Offline Advertising

Timothy Hecht: Senior Manager, Advertising and Media


Havas New York

Israel Garber: Global Executive Creative Director

Keith Scott: Executive Creative Director

Paul Johnson: Executive Creative Director

Peter Gosselin: Creative Director

Jay Hunt: Creative Director

Sascha Piltz: Creative Director

Brian Wiesenthal: Creative Director

Eduardo Camacho: Art Director

Nick Delisi: Copywriter

Arlene Steinwald: Executive Producer

Kathleen Canty: Associate Producer

Casey Ritts: Group Account Director

Chloe Depiesse: Account Director

Michaela DeRosa: Account Executive



Brian Aldrich: Director

Diane McArter: President

David Thorne: Senior Executive Producer

Jay Wakefield: Executive Producer

Ali Goldstone: Head of Production


Arcade Edit

Sila Soyer: Executive Producer

Andrew Cravotta: Producer

Jeff Ferruzzo: TV Editor

Ali Mao: Content Editor

Chris Angel: Assistant Editor


The Mill

Melanie Wickham: Executive Producer

Andrew Hamill : Producer


Rob DiFondi: Engineer

Busch: Rooted in Love

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