Client: Hardee's
Date: Apr 2018
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A new campaign celebrates the distinct customer, food culture, and voice Hardee’s has in popular US food culture, and it’s one that looks distinctly middle America.

For the first time in nearly a decade, Hardee’s is taking center stage, celebrating America’s heartland with a brand defining campaign, ‘Tastes Like America.’ Created by Havas Chicago, ‘Tastes Like America’ celebrates the values Hardee’s shares with its customers throughout the country and looks to feature real people, real moments, and real food.

As the first-ever solo advertising campaign for Hardee’s, the brand is pushing Americana hard, with its auto-tuned pop-country campaign song and images of hard working people doing typical leisure activities, including a group of older ladies bowling, some ‘bros’ playing basketball, smiling Hardee’s employees and friends lighting fireworks off at a campfire.


Agency: Havas Chicago

Client: Hardee's