Agency: Grey
Client: Pantene
Date: Nov 2019
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Grey Hong Kong launched its latest creative campaign for Pantene, The Breakup Salon, to coincide with the upcoming Single’s Day on 11/11.

The campaign created under Pantene’s new brand platform, “Great Hair Changes Everything”, looks at the positive change a new hairstyle can give to people going through breakups. It aims to play an active role in motivating men and women in desperate times and enabling them to become confident about their future, helping them start to move on – new hair and all.

To help women and men find that new look, Pantene opened the doors to The Breakup Salon. Here, Pantene helped the recently broken-up turn a haircut into a statement of moving on. All while naming the hairstyles after their breakup reason. People started to have their own iterations of the idea as well, sharing breakup stories not just related to relationships, but also other aspects of life that gives them the confidence to embrace change.

Chinese celebrity, Jiang Si Da, known for his insightful talk show and breakup story, became the host of the salon and of the thousands of stories shared, 3 became the subject of inspiration for an entertainment series.

Michael Knox, Chief Creative Officer, Grey Hong Kong, says, “Whether it’s a Blow Wave Him Goodbye or a See You Around Bob, we’re hoping The Breakup Salon helps more people discover great hair is the best revenge.”

Mckey Lin, Brand Director, P&G, adds, “Seeing people go from breakup to breakthrough brings to life our brand and ambition. And being able to provide this platform was a first for our brand. By helping people embrace life changes that starts with great hair, this becomes a testament of why Great Hair Changes Everything.”


Michael Knox, Chief Creative Officer

Christopher Lee, Group Creative Director

Claudia Wong, Creative Director

Jason Cornelius, Creative Director

Laura Petruccelli, Creative Director

Rohan Cooke, Creative Director

Jia She and Lisa Wan, Copywriter

Kimmy Kong, Junior Designer

Duffy Lau, Business Partner

Claudia McInerney, Business Director

Jesppie Poon, Senior Account Director

Frankie Lo, Senior Account Manager

Fred Yeung, Senior Account Executive

Owen Smith, Head of Strategy

Alice Atherton, Strategic Planner

John Lo, Head of TV Production


Brand Director: Mckey Lin, Yammy Yang

Communication Director: Heidi Wang

Brand Manager: Wilson Li

Communication Manager: Erric Li