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The Happytime Murders: Ink Hole Happytime Murders by Giant Spoon

Date: Aug 2018
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The upcoming Happytime Murders movie, a combination of live action and puppets, has already received some controversy for its raunchy nature, but the film is embracing the sordid reputation with a pop-up promotional tattoo parlor and speakeasy.

Giant Spoon created a felt-lined den of debauchery to promote the new movie, which stars Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, Joel McHale and Maya Rudolph.

The experience is a pop-up tattoo parlor and speakeasy called ‘The Inkhole’ in the heart of Los Angeles. Originally, it was only open for one weekend but the positive response it received allowed STX Entertainment to re-open the space for a second weekend as well.

The 21-and-older only club is a raucous and raunchy experience where people can get a temporary tattoo, grab a drink and conversation with Brian Henson’s puppets, take in a comedy club, casino and a peep show featuring pole dancing puppets and real burlesque dancers.


Agency: Giant Spoon

Client: The Happytime Murders