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Colombia Ministry of Environment: Posters for catching fishermen by Geometry Global

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The Lionfish is a beautiful but invasive and venomous species which is destroying the Caribbean ecosystem. Due to the danger it poses to both human and marine life, Colombia’s Ministry of Environment has spent 4 years trying to stop the spread of this threat. To date, a volume of literature has been published about the Lionfish and its impact on newly adopted environments, to help local communities understand the damage it can cause. But, fisherman travel light and, understandably, don’t carry Ministry literature on fishing trips. Our goal was simple: we needed more fishermen to join in the hunt for the Lionfish. We had to capture their attention and puncture myths surrounding the fish.

Following previous successful campaigns, we wanted to design something that was useful in more way than one… We created “Posters for catching fishermen”: beautifully designed posters explaining everything a fisherman needed to know: toxicology, how to treat a sting, where to find and capture the fish.

But our posters had a twist.

Each one was printed with an innovative perforation technique which meant, when pulled apart, they literally transform into a working lightweight bag or net that fisherman use to bring home their catch. In short, the posters performed a powerful practical fishing function too. As a result, information Colombian fishermen routinely ignored was transformed into constructive support they wanted to keep and use.


Chief creative officer: Juan José Posada

General creative director Geometry Global Bogota: Edwin Pineda

Art director: Danilo Berzaghi

Creative director/copywriter: Nick Corbett

Additional credits: CEO: Sarah Todd (UK), Xavier Serrano (Bogota)

Graphic designer: Yan Cucco

Head of 3D design: Richard Hartle

3D designer: Kyle Dawney

Project manager: Charlotte Hall

Editor: Michael Friddle, Santiago Llano

Producer: Alejandro Ramiez

Photographer: Nicolás Galeano