Client: CoppaFeel
Date: Sep 2021
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Breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel has teamed up with Fold7 and Prettybird in a new campaign showing how knowing your own body well could save your life. ‘Know Yourself’, directed by Jess Kohl, is a raw and very real display of young people on a voyage of self-discovery with their bodies.

The important film documents young people armpit sniffing, bottom squeezing, leg hair scratching, and curve caressing themselves – staying true to the notion that no one knows your body better than you, and being aware of what your normal is means you’re more likely to notice a change.

Many of the scenes were informed by the cast’s real-life experiences of their own self-exploration. It is an unashamedly honest portrayal of personal discovery that will hopefully encourage young people to explore their uniquely wonderful bodies.