Agency: Fig
Date: Oct 2019
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Children’s Hospital Colorado wants parents to know that, while kids may look like miniature versions of them, children need vastly different medical care than their parents.

The hospital, with its lead advertising agency Fig, launched a new advertising campaign, ‘Incredibly Different Care’ that highlights the importance of pediatric care and the fact that “kids are incredibly different, they need incredibly different care.”

A series of spots shows children telling the camera that they are not like their parents, that their hearts beat faster, their blood vessels are smaller, their bones have growth plates and they’re more sensitive to radiation – all points that prove that kids should go to a children’s hospital rather than a regular care facility.

When kids get sick or hurt, many parents don’t take them to children’s hospitals, but rather they take them to whichever emergency room or urgent care center is closest. 89% of pediatric emergency department visits occur in non-children's hospitals, yet only 6% of emergency departments have all the required equipment for pediatric care. Many also lack the expertise, training and protocols to effectively treat children, making a children’s hospital not only a safer option, but a more cost-effective one.


Children’s Hospital Colorado Credits:

Charlotte Isoline, VP Marketing + Communications

Nicole Hebert, Director Brand + Creative

Angela Flack, Senior Marketing Specialist

Kacy Lamb, Senior Graphic Designer

Jef Otte, Senior Copywriter

Brent McCown, Video Strategist

FIG Agency Credits:

Mark Figliulo, Founder & Partner

Judith Carr-Rodriguez, CEO & Partner

Caroline Krediet, CSO & Partner

Scott Vitrone, CCO & Partner

Brian Eden, Creative Director

Ben Grube, Creative Director

Karly Brookes, Senior Copywriter

Vignesh Seshadri, Senior Art Director

Jill Landaker Grunes, Executive Producer

Meredith Witte, Senior Producer

Kristen King, Executive Director Client Services

Katie Gallagher, Account Director

Paulo Carvajal, Strategy Lead

Lynda Chambara, Senior Project Manager

Megan Harris, Head of Distribution

Laura Ries, Media Director

Bobby Miller, Associate Media Director

Nicole-Juliet Friedman, Media Planner