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Ad Council and US Forest Service: Smokey Bear 73rd Birthday by FCB

Agency: FCB
Date: Aug 2017
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In honor of Smokey Bear’s 73rd birthday, the Ad Council, the US Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters have introduced new digital-first videos and artwork inspired by beloved Smokey Bear posters to raise awareness of lesser known wildfire starts in an effort to decrease human-caused wildfires.

The new artwork was created by Brian Edward Miller, Evan Hecox, Janna Mattia and Victoria Ying, portraying Smokey Bear in each of their unique styles.

FCB West has developed pro bono public service announcements for Smokey Bear, the longest-running public service advertising campaign in US history, since his birth in 1944. Three videos show groups of people barbecuing at a park, having a campfire, and burning debris in their yard, respectively. In each, Smokey enters with his shovel and helps the humans extinguish their blazes properly and safely, tagged with “Only YOU can prevent wildfires!”


Agency: FCB West