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Agency: Fancy
Date: Nov 2017
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In creating the new campaign for The Lion’s Den, an adult romance products store, Fancy was challenged with shifting perception of a mostly male, DVD-centric, pull-off-the-highway adult superstore into an appealing destination for women and couples.

The all female-run agency specializes in creating emotional connections between women and brands. The shop worked with The Lion’s Den, a 46-store adult retail chain determined to evolve into a top-of-mind sexual wellness brand. The new campaign centers around the idea that taking care of your sexual self is an important part of your overall wellness and something that should be considered every day. Whether alone or with a partner, you deserve to have pleasure and enjoy life — it’s good for your body, it’s good for your emotions and it’s good for your relationship.

“Sexually healthy people are happier and more fun to be around,” says Katie Keating, creative director and co-founder of Fancy, “so we wanted to show the audience that there’s no time that’s not a good time to connect with your partner — or yourself.”

Station Film Director Matt Pittroff says he worked with the agency and client to cast actors who were not afraid to let loose and embrace the brand philosophy of having fun. The key to their success was making them feel 100% comfortable and supported on set.


The Lion’s Den “Birthday,” “Yoga”

Client: LD Management

Director of Marketing: Pete Potenzini

Agency: Fancy LLC

Creative Director: Katie Keating

Creative Director: Erica Fite

Account Director: Lindsey Seyman

Account Director: Laila Forster

Producer: Estela Duce

Production Company: Station Film

Director: Matt Pittroff

Managing Partner: Stephen Orent

Partner/Executive Producer: Caroline Gibney

Executive Producer: Michelle Towse

Line Producer: Michelle Towse

Director of Photography: Andy Lilien

Editor: Brian Sanford