Agency: Fallon
Client: SKODA
Date: Jun 2021
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Škoda has launched a new UK TV ad for its highly-anticipated all-electric Enyaq iV SUV; a car that signifies a bold new era for the Czech car company.

Billed as the most important model ever introduced in the brand’s 126-year history, Škoda has partnered with Fallon London – a creative agency that sits within Leo Burnett – to produce a skilfully crafted 60 second animated TV ad that tells the story of how the Enyaq iV was ‘created’.

Developed to showcase the car’s two distinct sides - eco-conscious and dynamic design – Fallon brought this duality to life by way of a heart-warming story of a human family who adopt two young baby robots. As the story develops, the siblings’ personality differences become apparent – ‘Purr’ (the first sibling) is gentle and caring, while ‘Grrr’ (the second sibling) is impassioned and creative.

After finishing school and leaving home, we see them try (and fail) at a variety of jobs - their two characters never quite in sync with each other until they stumble in to the Škoda factory. Here, their differences are embraced as we see Purr and Grrr, work in harmony to create a car that complements their personalities and the best of both worlds; the Enyaq iV.