E.ON: Green Man by WCRS

Agency: WCRS
Client: E.ON
Date: Jul 2017
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Independent Films' director Philippe Andre’s brand new commercial for E.on sees the little green traffic man pop out of his traditional residence, where we’d typically place him alongside his red and yellow family members. He twirls down the traffic light pole and jumps onto the streets to endeavour on his city adventure.

With his jazzy, confident little gait we see his charming curiosity as he walks alongside commuters, interacts with a dog who is taller than him, hitches a ride on a skateboard and – assessing his proportions – intelligently climbs over the petrol cable to continue on with his adventure.

He happily strolls along looking around, taking in the big wide world in to the soundtrack of “It’s a Wonderful Night” by Fatboy Slim.

This film invites us to look at the world through the perspective of a the green man. The piece demonstrates Philippe Andre’s ability to bring charm and character through his collaboration with The Mill in post-production.


Creative Directors & Creatives: Jason Keet & James Hodson

Agency Producer: Sally Lipsius

Prod Co: Independent Films

Director: Philippe Andre

Producer: Verity White

Executive Producer: Jani Guest

DoP: Stuart Graham

Editing Company: Final Cut

Editor: Adam Rudd

Post Production House: The Mill

VFX: Greg Spencer/Jorge Montiel

Colourist: Mick Vincent

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