Date: May 2018
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Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 opens in US theaters on June 15 and the animated family is jumping on board by stating how they like their eggs done. Last fall the American Egg Board relaunched The Incredible Egg by reframing the answer to the question, “How do you like your eggs?” To showcase the infinite number of ways to enjoy them beyond breakfast, the Incredibles family weighs in with a short film from creative agency partner Energy BBDO.

The co-branded promotional spot running in advance of the feature film’s debut seamlessly incorporates the platform in a unique way that embraces the family. Mr. Incredible asks baby Jack-Jack how he would like his eggs, and since the baby can’t talk, the family tries to interpret his cooings. When he and brother Dash guess wrong, sister Violet sees – after Jack-Jack turns into a purple devil-like creature – that he wants them “deviled, obviously.”

The ad then promotes a website from the American Egg Board that features custom recipes for all the film’s leading characters.


Agency: Energy BBDO

Client: American Egg Board

Chief Creative Officer: Andrés Ordóñez

Executive Creative Director: Josh Gross

Executive Creative Director: Pedro Pérez

Creative Directors: Dan McCormak, Fernando Passos

Art Directors: Nick Sesto, Hansel Quintela

Copywriters: Mark Price, Colin O’Toole

Lead Designer: Hung Vinh

Junior Digital Designer: Erin Knott

Client Service Director: Liz Gruszkievicz

Account Supervisor: Abby Bridgeo

Account Executive: Gabrielle Belavsky

Project Manager: Gabrielle Granados

Head of Integrated Production: John Pratt

Executive Producer: Liz Miller-Gershfeld

Producer: Shobin Matthew

Director of Print Production: Mary Day

Print Producer: Marissa Mandarino

Studio Production: Tom Sustan

Music Producer: Daniel Kuypers

Music Composer: Andrew Oye

Photographer: Kelly Allison