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Agency: Eleven
Client: JSX
Date: Sep 2019
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Jet service JSX and San-Francisco-based agency Eleven decided to show how much time travelers could save using the airline’s hop-on service, with a two-hour ad.

The two-hour video, dubbed ‘The Longest Goodbye’ shows what flyers can do with two extra hours if they choose to fly JSX over a traditional airline – since with JSX, customers may arrive just 20 minutes before departure at private terminals near major city centers and skip the lines and hassles associated with crowded airports.

The ad starts like a more traditional commercial, with a poem that states that people lost the joy of time because going to the airport “left no more time to play”. The poem is highlighted by people enjoying time by putting some golf balls, enjoying a bath and knitting together, while in each scene, a set of airplane stairs folds out in front of them. “Why must we lose two hours just to catch a plane?” the voice-over asks.

The action then turns to a young couple on a sidewalk, saying goodbye as the narrator states that with the extra two hours, “you can keep doing your thing.” The action then gets awkward as the camera stays on the interaction of the couple as they spend time on the sidewalk, talking, eating lunch, hugging, standing around and generally saying a protracted goodbye before the woman gets on the flight.