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The California Department of Public Health’s CA Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) aims to expose the tobacco industry’s latest deception of using flavors and e-cigarette products that masquerade as snacks and flash drives to hook kids when their brains are most susceptible to addiction.

‘Flavors Hook Kids’ by Duncan Channon helps inform parents that four out of five kids who’ve used tobacco started with a flavored product – with 15,000-plus flavors (and counting) on the market. The comprehensive campaign features television spots, radio, out-of-home executions and a dedicated website to get the word out.

The concept is that kids are being drawn to these products because they mimic flavors that kids naturally love, like fruit candy, sugary cereals and juices. Three spots, ‘Donuts,’ ‘Banana’ and ‘Fruit Candy’ tap into emotion by contrasting the videos parents take of our kids enjoying flavors for the first time – with videos kids are now creating themselves to review vape products in those same flavors.

A second pair of TV spots, ‘Bedroom’ and ‘School’ show innocuous teen conversations in bedrooms and school hallways before revealing that these kids have been using or talking about flavored vape products, all without the viewer noticing.

Sixteen out-of-home executions feature candy colors and striking images of teens with products from “the tobacco industry’s kids menu” that look like candy, breakfast cereal, popcorn, and a variety of backpack staples.


Client: California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program

Agency: Duncan Channon

• Creative director – Anne Elisco-Lemme

• Lead copywriter – MJ Deery

• Lead designer – Jennifer Kellogg

• Copywriter – Marty Bonocorso

• Art director – Melissa Ploysophon

• Copywriter – Amanda Burger

• Art director – Colleen Horne

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• Art director – Chris Masse

• Senior broadcast producer – Keenan Hemje

• Senior broadcast producer – Christine Gomez

• Senior digital producer – Eric Kozak

• Producer – Emily Sarale

• Senior art producer – Diana Courcier

• Chief strategy officer – Andy Berkenfield

• Strategy director – Kelleen Peckham

• Strategist – Adam Flynn

• Digital strategist – Brandon Sugarman

• Director of communications planning – Leslie Diard

• Group director of communications planning – Rochelle Armstrong

• Communications planning supervisor – Paulo Delacruz

• Communications planner – Caitlin Delaney

• Director of account management – Jamie Katz

• Account director – Kumi Croom

• Account supervisor – Rachel Smutney

• Senior account manager – Davis Wolfe

• Associate account manager – Neha Sinha

TV Production: MJZ

• Directors – Will Hoffman & Julius Metoyer

• President – David Zander

• Senior executive producer – Eriks Krumins

• Producer – Suza Horvat

• Editorial – Cabin Edit

• Editor – Issac Chen

• Executive producer – Carr Schilling

• Producer – Michelle Dorsch

• Editor & finishing – Kurt Zhuang

• Sound engineer – Joaby Deal, One Union Studios

• Footage sourced & licensed by Stalkr


• Lifestyle photographer – Priscilla Gragg

• Production company – Jessica Ruiz, Related Production

• Lifestyle photographer – Christaan Felber

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• Senior art producer – Sharon Kuerschner

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• Production company – Jessica Ruiz, Related Production

Website production: Beyond

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• Front end developer – Sarah Mendham

• Senior back end developer – Ching Leung

Hispanic cultural partner: Acento

Asian cultural partner: APartnership

African American cultural partner: Muse

Broadcast media buying: MBMG