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Client: Liberty
Date: Apr 2016
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Human rights group Liberty has launched a short film highlighting the unprecedented, unnecessary and deeply intrusive spying powers handed to hundreds of public bodies by the latest incarnation of the Snoopers’ Charter.

Created by Liberty and creative agency Don’t Panic, sees comedian Olivia Lee take to the streets demanding a look at strangers’ most personal and sensitive information – the same information to which a broad range of public bodies will gain unfettered access if the Investigatory Powers Bill becomes law.


Creative Director: Richard Beer

Creative: George McCullum, Alistair Griggs, Eva Steiner

Additional Credits: Managing Director: Joe Wade

Director: Joylon Rubinstein

Producer: Errol Ettienne

Project Lead: Nisha Mullea

Project Manager: Gabriel Mathews

Talent: Olivia Lee

Senior Editor: Jamie Ticker

Filmographer: Ryan Samuda