Dr Giorgini: Nowadays by Deloitte Digital

Date: May 2019
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Storytelling with an ironic tone and the added value of a data-driven strategy: these are the ingredients from which Deloitte Digital created the new campaign for Dr. Giorgini, an Italian brand specialized in the production and sale of natural remedies all over the world.

A two-minute film shows a man by a campfire in the woods. Suddenly, he hears an ominous growl. A woman runs out of the forest, being chased. He gets up and runs as well, finding shelter in an abandoned camper. The unseen beast finds him and smashes the camper. It then cuts to a man at home, removing his VR headset, and we see he is actually relaxing at home with his wife.

The film entertains us with its fast pace thanks to the direction of Igor Borghi, and the production decisions of Filmgood, all oriented to enhance the creative approach and the needs of the project.

A movie that was planned online in Italy, France, Germany and the UK, leaves us with a clear message: there will always be something new to experience, but what will never change is the importance of our day-to-day wellbeing.


Alessandro Gaudio – Deloitte Digital, Partner

Emanuele Viora – Deloitte Digital, Executive Creative Director

Andrea Jaccarino – Deloitte Digital, Executive Creative Director

Fabrizio Marvulli – Deloitte Digital, Manager

Vasco Bertoldi – Deloitte Digital, Creative Strategist

Ziad Tayah – Deloitte Digital, Digital Media Specialist

Pierangelo Spina – Filmgood, Executive Producer

Carlotta Magnani – Producer

Igor Borghi – Director

Luca Esposito – DOP

Luigi Pelizzo – Scenography

Giulia Tagliaferri – Costumi

Caterina Martini - Direttore di produzione

Lorenzo Colungati – Editor

Vincenzo Casucci – Music

EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani - Post Production

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