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Adidas: Welcome to the Family by Cut Media

Agency: Cut Media
Client: Adidas
Date: Jun 2019
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Danny MacAskill, the Scottish trials cyclist and star of multiple YouTube smash-hit viral films such as Red Bull’s Imaginate, shows off his amazing skills in a new brand film for Adidas Outdoor, created by Cut Media. It launches on Danny’s YouTube channel on Tuesday 4 June to celebrate his new brand partnership with Adidas Outdoor.

At three and a half minutes, the film shows Danny performing a series of incredible tricks demonstrating both his imaginative approach to his riding and his unparalleled skills. Appearing to be self-filmed, the spot opens with Danny setting up a shot with a beautiful Scottish harbour as a backdrop. The film takes us through a series of locations as the athlete uses local landmarks and the epic wilderness of the Highlands to do some amazing riding.

It was filmed on location in the coastal village of Dunbar and Glencoe in the Highlands, to the soundtrack of The Wind that Cried The World by the Phantom Band.


Cut Media


Dave Mackison: Photographer