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Chevrolet: Camaro Fifty by Commonwealth//McCann

Client: Chevrolet
Date: Aug 2017
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Chevrolet prepared a surprise in style for the fans of Camaro, which celebrates its 50th anniversary with the Camaro Fifty. The brand prepared an activation, which counted with two radical jumps, to celebrate the half-century anniversary of the legendary vehicle.

In the first one, is the car that “blows out” the candle of a giant cake, after jumping at high speed.

In the second test, the Camaro jumps from a moving truck to another moving truck. During this, the 461hp V8 engine roar and the incredible acceleration of zero to 100km/h in 4.2 seconds are highlighted; essential requirements to participate in such a test. The acrobatics originated two films, created by Commonwealth//McCann Brazil and production of Volcano Hotmind.


Agency: Commonwealth//McCann

Client: Chevrolet

Product: Camaro 50th

Name of the campaign: Celebration

CCO: Washington Olivetto

Regional Business Lead: Martin Ortells

Creative Directors: Eric Sulzer e Fernando Penteado

Creatives: Flavio Tamashiro, Auguto Meira, Luiz Gimenes & Juan Perafan

Account director: Karol Alberti

Client service: Mariana Baldin, Mariana Zavanella, Laysa Andrietta, Roberta Magalhães, Ana Telles & Vinicius Barra.

Project Manager: Livia Dowding, Isabella Garcia, Gabriela Meira, Grazielle Paim, Nicole Canesin & Gabriela Perrenoud.

Planning: Ricardo Armbrust, Rafael Lavor, Caroline Haddad, Matheus Lacerda & Mariana Soares

Media: Ricardo Armbrust, Camila Moraes, Diogo Dias, Matheus Diegues, Camila Forti, Natalia Santos, Lucas Tatani & Daniel Couto

RTV: Rossana Noceloni, Thais Bonizzi, Luanda Silva & Flávia Lima

Art Buyer: Kathryn Collins

Social Media team: Paula Serio, Paula Horwatitsch & Vitor Zillo

Production house: Volcano Hotmind

Director: Giancarlo Barone

Executive Production: Enzo Barone

Director of photography: JR Junior

Art director: Ana Henriques

Client service: Daniel Chasin

Production Director: Giba Pereira

Fitter: Guilherme Peres

Sound Production: Lucha Libre Audio

Creatives: Paulo Corcione & Equipe Lucha

Production: Paulo Corcione & Equipe Lucha

Locution: Paulo Vasillescu

Client service: Thais Urenha

Client approval: Hermann Mahnke, Federico Wassermann, Daniella Martins, Barbara Wieland, Larissa Menescal & Danilo Feno

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