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Colle + McVoy helped Minnesota’s tourism board launch an immersive pop-up experience during Super Bowl week.

The experience, called ‘Sota Pop, was called an immersive storytelling experience that the agency said, “flipping the script to show visitors that Minnesota is more than cold; it’s cool.” The temporary installation in downtown Minneapolis allowed people to journey through a maze of brightly colored, themed rooms with specially designed backdrops that inspire social media selfies.

The exhibition, which took cues from the Museum of Ice Cream and Refinery29’s 29 Rooms experience, contained five main rooms, as well as several smaller scenes. All were designed by local artists and celebrate the wide variety of destinations, four-season activities and attractions that make Minnesota unique. Colle + McVoy considered 'Sota Pop the first "single-brand installation" of its kind.


Client: Explore Minnesota Tourism

Agencies: Colle McVoy and 10 Thousand Design

Artists: Chuck U, She She, Girl Friday and Ashley Mary

Production: Street Factory

Tasty Lighting Supply