Date: Apr 2020
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Working with road safety experts TAC and RACV, we have created an educational campaign to reduce parental confusion around when children should be taken out of booster seats. Current laws focus on age as the main indicator of when a child should move up into an adult restraint. However paediatric research has shown that height is a far safer measure and that children should use a booster seat until they are at least 145cm in height - this is because statistically less than 3% of children reach 145cm by the time they turn 7.

The Booster Tag is a label icon, in the shape of a smiling booster seat and is designed to sit alongside existing care instructions in any t-shirt that fits children under 145cm tall (sizes 4-11). This means that if children still fit clothing that displays the icon then they should keep their child in a booster seat. The Booster Tag is open-sourced and designed to be adopted by any brand in the country and high-profile children’s clothing manufacturers Oobi, Minti, Little Horn and Myer have already joined up as partners.