Shutterstock: The Sketch Saver by Cazar DDB

Agency: Cazar DDB
Date: Jun 2018
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A new campaign for Shutterstock features three posters called 'Castaway', 'Desert', and 'Waterfall'.

Each one represents situations in which the protagonist is in danger and Shutterstock saves them with its great variety of images.

With simplicity, we show the solution for each one of the problems agencies face on a day-to-day.


Advertising Agency: Cazar DDB, Santo Domingo

General Creative Director: Salvador Lister

Creative Director: Freddy Montero Galva

Copywriter: Carlos J. Núñez Báez

Copywriter: Ahmed Haddad

Art Director: Marcos Zorrilla

Illustration: Marcos Zorrilla

Photographer: Shutterstock

Published: June 2018