Date: Feb 2017
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Beef jerky maker Jack Link’s has released a series of ads that feature Minnesota Timberwolves player Karl-Anthony Towns working out alongside the brand’s longtime Sasquatch mascot.

Created by Minneapolis-based Carmichael Lynch, the ads are an extension of Jack Link’s “Workin’ Out With Sasquatch” campaign, which the brand launched last year in an effort to position itself as the go-to protein snack for athletes. Last year’s spots featured NFL stars Odell Beckham Jr. and Clay Matthews.

The latest round of ‘80s-esque ads star Towns as he jumps over a porcupine, deadlifts a log and fights off a swarm of bees. Another features the basketball player explaining whythe socks, moisturizer, “fully grown North American badger” and VHS version of “Workin’ Out With Sasquatch” are all essential parts of his workout routine.

“Building on the success we’ve seen with Workin’ Out With Sasquatch, we’re expanding the integrated campaign as Jack Link’s jerky continues to protein-power the lives of all types of athletes,” said TD Dixon, chief marketing officer at Jack Link’s, in a statement. “Featuring Karl-Anthony Towns alongside Sasquatch was an obvious choice for Jack Link’s. They’re both tall and share the same shoe size, so naturally we knew they’d get along great.”

The ads are slated to run on channels including TNT, Adult Swim and FX as well as YouTube, Hulu and Funny or Die.


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