Burger King: The Last Meal by Buzzman

Agency: Buzzman
Date: Jan 2018
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In its latest French ad, by agency Buzzman, Burger King pushes the limits by making its Whopper Meal a prisoner's last meal, with a twist. In the spot, 'The Last Meal', a prison guard is seen wheeling a cart through a prison, past an electric chair being prepared for use. It stops at a doomed death row prisoner's cell, a tough looking guy with a dagger tattoo below his eye. The meal is uncovered to show a Whopper with fries. Another guard eyes the meal with longing and temptation.

The next scene is the cell being locked and the guard walking away and the prisoner getting ready to take a bite of the juicy burger. As the guard gets into his car, we see that it is the prisoner in the guard's clothes, who has changed places with the inmate and is greatly enjoying his meal.


Client: Burger King

Marketing Director Béatrice Roux

Marketing Project Manager Marine Dupas

Agency: Buzzman

President and Executive Creative Director Georges Mohammed-Chérif

Vice – President Thomas Granger

Managing Director Julien Levilain

Creative Directors Jean-Christophe Royer, Tristan Daltroff & Louis Audard

Artistic Director Louis Audard

Copywriter Tristan Daltroff

Assistant Artistic Director Edouard Jacquelin

Account Director Pierre Guengant

Account Manager Loïc Coelho

Account Executive Clémence Gateau

Account Executive Assistant Antoine Boizeau

Strategic Planning Clément Scherrer

Head of Social Media Julien Scaglione

Social Media Managers Marie Le Scao & Elise Lassimoulie

Head of PR & Communication Amélie Juillet

PR & Communication Assistants Suzanne Langlais & Victoire Fouquet-Lapar

Rights Management Dee Perryman

Head of TV Production Vanessa Barbel

TV Production / Event Benoit Crouet

Production Wanda

Sound Production Schmooze

Music Supervisor Circonflex

Director Ivan Grbovic

Producer Claude Fayolle

Post Producer Olivier Glandais

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