Date: Oct 2019
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Burger King is venturing into the spirit world with its latest concoction, just in time for Halloween, and it enlisted a famed medium to help bring attention to the Ghost Whopper.

The brand conducted the first ever 'Spirit Taste Test' by calling on master medium and trance-channeler Riz Mirza, who took a series of people through a fast food séance, where Mirza let spirits take over his body so they could taste Burger King’s Ghost Whopper, a limited-edition burger with a ghostly white cheddar bun.

The latest stunt from the chain took place at famed Los Angeles haunt, the Alexandria Hotel, where Mirza contacted the spirits that roam the location and had them taste the Ghost Whopper. In the video, Mirza is seen at a table with people who agreed to take part in the experiment, then asking the spirits to eat a burger through him, then ask what those spirits thought of the burger.

As Mirza channeled the spirits, each with a distinctive voice as spoken through him, they gave their feedback, most being positive, while one picky ghost flung the burger across the room while yelling “It is filth.” One spirit asks for another, and most seem to find it enjoyable.

The Ghost Whopper ‘Spirit Taste Test’ thus made the burger the first to be approved by 11 out of 10 spirits. It’s available for a limited time in select cities.