Client: Budweiser
Date: Sep 2019
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Budweiser has unveiled a digital-first campaign to celebrate the Qixi festival (Chinese Valentine's Day).

The festival of Qixi (literally meaning ‘seventh’ day of the seventh lunar month) originated in the tale of two lovers, Zhinv (the weaver girl) and Niulang (the cow boy). As it was forbidden for them to love, they were cast to opposite sides of the ‘Silver River’, and could only meet once a year on Qixi, when a flock of birds would form a bridge between the two.

For the campaign film, Budweiser invited various real couples which included a couple who has been in a 15-year-long relationship, a couple who has a 21 year age difference between them, to tell their stories. The couple's faces were covered throughout the film and only revealed at the very end of the clip, highlighting that matters is that the two people in the relationship are in love.

Budweiser has further created a limited edition set of four beer bottles which have been designed by Norwegian designer Magnus Voll Mathiassen (MWM). Each Budweiser bottle features either a man or woman on it and if you set two bottles on the table, and rotate them slightly so that their faces ‘touch’, it would appear that the two figures are kissing.