Client: RHP Group
Date: Oct 2019
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London housing provider RHP Group have produced a landmark short film which has been developed using their tenants stories about what home means to them. This is at a time where the housing sector has been challenged to do more to promote their residents’ own voices.

‘Connect with Home’ is underpinned by a poem which has been written based around tenants’ experiences. RHP customers were asked ‘How do you connect with home?’ and were flooded with customer stories which ranged from the funny to the deeply personal and touching. These stories have acted as the basis of the film and are reflected throughout through a series of powerful vignettes.

The film, which features real life RHP customers coincides with RHP launching their new long-term campaign also entitled ‘Connect with Home’. The concept reflects RHP’s aspirations that whoever the customer (e.g. social tenants, Shared Ownership buyers or young people stuck in the rent trap) they want them to connect emotionally, socially and digitally to the homes they provide them.



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