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Don’t Say Can*t by Born Licensing

Date: Apr 2021
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Born Licensing has launched its first-ever creative campaign targeting UK adland by deploying a crack team of well-known characters to challenge the 'can’t-do' attitude the industry has about he use of licensed characters in creative campaigns.

In an industry first, Born Licensing illustrates the engaging use of characters in ads, bringing together SpongeBob SquarePants, Grumpy Bear from the Care Bears, 90s icon Daria, a Ninja Turtle, Garfield, Beavis from Beavis and Butthead and Mr. Grumpy from Mr. Men Little Miss.

The creative tells the industry ‘Don’t Say Can*t’ and encourages adland to explore the realms of possibility that come from licensing fictional characters to engage and connect with audiences.

The campaign comes a month after Born Licensing published its first-ever white paper which addresses how fictional characters are under-utilised in advertising.

Born Licensing discovered that 85% of industry creatives believe that using film and TV characters more frequently would help their work to gain more attention. However, 100% of industry creatives had experienced campaigns where the IP did not go ahead due to preconceptions of licensed character use.


CLIENT: Born Licensing

OWNER: David Born


CREATIVE: Sander Vos, Will Grave