Agency: Biborg
Client: Ubisoft
Date: Oct 2018
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Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the latest release in the Ubisoft franchise, centers on the Peloponnesian war, 431-404 BC, between Athens and Sparta.

To promote the new game, Biborg and Facebook collaborated on a new paid media service experience on the social network, which uses Facebook's integrated AR camera effects.

The paid media experience opens with a short film, then allows users to enjoy the experience, before redirecting them to the pre-sales/sales site, where they are able to order the game directly from the application.



Campaign: Assassin's Creed AR Camera Effects

Client: Ubisoft

Brand Manager : Valentin Meyer

Brand Marketing Director: Clément Prévosto

Marketing Director: Guillaume Carmona

Ad Creative Agency: Biborg

Business Manager: Valentin Hugon

Account Manager: Line Georges, Maximilien Chaix

CEO: Bruno Luriot

Production Studio: Alain Puget, Olivier Campion